Antimicrobial Properties of Actinomycetes Isolated from Menengai Crater in Kenya.
A study was carried out to isolate and screen actinomycetes for antimicrobial activity from Menengai Crater in Kenya. The study area was sub-divided into regions A B C and D based on land terrain. Actinomycetes were isolated using starch casein agar SC Luria Bertani agar M1 and starch nitrate agar SN.
Primary screening for antagonism was carried out using perpendicular method while secondary screening was done using agar disk technique. Extraction of antimicrobials was carried out using ethyl acetate. Sensitivity testing of crude extracts against Staphylococcus aureus Bacillus subtilis Escherichia faecalis Escherichia coli Klebsiella pneumoniae Salmonella typhi Xanthomonascampestris Erwiniacarotovora Candida albicans Alternaria alternate and Fusarium oxysporum was carried out using agar well technique. Biochemical tests and carbon source requirements were used to characterize selected antimicrobial producers. M1 was the best agar medium for isolation of actinomycetes.
The number of actinomycetes from regions A B C and D in the crater varied significantly F27.50 P0.000. Of the 156 actinomycetes isolates 20 were positive for both primary and secondary antimicrobial activities. There was no significant difference in the zones of inhibition in primary screening for antagonistic properties against test pathogens F1.6957 P0.0838. Zones of inhibition after secondary screening varied significantly F2.4473 P0.0089. Likewise there was a significant difference F6.6046 P0.001338 in the zones of inhibition after exposing the pathogens to ethyl extracts of selected antagonistic actinomycetes.
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Publication Date: 01.Jan.1970
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Kirinyaga University 2nd Annual International Conference, 2018
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