Socio-Demographic and Economic Factors Influencing Adherence to TB Treatment in Mwingi East Sub-County Kitui County Kenya
Globally TB is documented to have the second highest fatality cases afterrnHIV and AIDS. Among the continents Africa has the highest rates of TB casesrnamong HIV positive patients. Kenya is among the first 30 countries with the highestrnrates of TB infection. The high rates and burden as a result of TB is associated withrnthe level of adherence to TB treatment
This study was aimed at determining thernadherence to TB treatment and the socio demographic and economic factorsrninfluencing adherence to TB treatment among TB patients in Mwingi East SubrnCounty Kitui County Kenya.
The study employed a descriptive cross sectional study design wherernquantitative data was collected using a semi structured questionnaire. Clusteredrnrandom sampling was applied to identify TB patients to be included in the study.rnThe data collected was analyzed using SPSS version 20 at 95 confidence interval.rnBoth descriptive and inferential statistics regression analysis were carried out. Therndata was presented using tables and graphs.
Based on the results rates of adherence to uptake of TB drugs among the TBrnpatients was 65.3. Age and occupation were the only socio demographic andrneconomic factors found to significantly influence adherence to TB treatment.
The rates of adherence to uptake of TBrndrugs were 65.3 among the TB patients. Thernreasons given for non-adherence to TB treatmentrnincluded inadequacy of drugs lack of money forrntransportation to the hospital facility fatiguernforgetfulness sickness travelling among others.rnSocio and economic factors that were found tornsignificantly influence adherence to TBrntreatment were age and occupation of the TBrnpatients
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Kitui County
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Infectious and Parasitic Diseases
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