Lipid Profiles Cardiovascular Disease Risk and Dyslipidemia in HIV Positive Patients on HAART at Machakos Level Five Hospital Machakos County
This study determined the lipid profiles dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease risk as well as their associated risk factors inrnpatients who are positive for the human immunodeficiency virus on antiretrovirals
s. The study adopted a cross-sectional design.rnBlood samples were analyzed to determine lipid profiles and dyslipidemia. Framingham Risk Score was used to determinerncardiovascular disease risk. Descriptive statistics Pearsons Chi- Square test bivariate and multivariable logistic regressionrnanalyses were performed. A p -value of 0.05 with corresponding 95 confidence interval was considered statisticallyrnsignificant
Participants using Protease Inhibitors were four times more likely to have a high Total Cholesterol to High DensityrnLipoprotein cholesterol ratio compared to those using Non- Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors OR 4.19 95 CI:rn1.03 - 17.02 p0.05. Based on the Framingham risk score 71.2 18.5 9.8 and 0.5 participants had low moderaternmoderately high and high cardiovascular disease risk respectively. Age high-density lipoprotein smoking and systolic pressurernwere significantly associated with a high Framingham Risk Score p0.001. Gender and duration on antiretrovirals were alsornsignificantly associated with high cardiovascular risk p 0.001. The overall prevalence of dyslipidemia was 74.5. Agernsystolic blood pressure and hypertension were significantly associated with dyslipidemia p0.005 p0.049 and p0.001rnrespectively. Gender age systolic pressure hypertension smoking and history of cardiovascular disease were significantlyrnassociated with cardiovascular disease risk P 0.001.
The study offered information that will inform the policy makersrnon better approaches to employ in addressing the health outcomes for people living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virusrnunder treatment with antiretrovirals.
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Machakos County
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Public Health & Health Research Systems
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Coronary Heart Disease
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Publication Date: 11.May.2023
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