Media and Health Information Seeking Among the Elderly: a Study of Diabetes Patients in Makueni County
This study examined media and health information seeking behaviour among elderly Kenyans
The study sought to analyse the social-economic determinants of health information seeking behaviour among elderly Kenyans investigate the patterns of health information seeking among the elderly and to analyse the relationship between media use and health information seeking among the elderly.
The research employed the media consumption theory to establish determinants of health information seeking behaviours. The study adopted qualitative research design. The target population being elderly diabetic patients at Makueni County Referral Hospital. Convenience sampling was used in this study where an interview guide was used as data collection instrument.
The study findings reveal that media plays a pivotal role in influencing health seeking behaviour. When media are used to promote health programs they familiarise audience members with health behaviour change and encourage the audience to call write or participate in programs. The media helps in changing health attitudes especially when supplemented by face-to-face guidance in health centers. Health seeking behaviour to a greater extent is also influenced by the socioeconomic status of patients as well as structural and cultural factors. Patients with better socioeconomic standing had better compliance and better health information seeking behaviour. The study revealed that accessible information about emerging chronic diseases listening to radio and information provided by family members on health information was associated with increased chances of improved health information seeking behaviour. Actively seeking health information from elderly Kenyans of a higher socio-economic status were positively associated with diabetic adults being treated.
Based on the findings the research concluded that mass media education on health is important and local radio stations plays one of the most central roles.
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Makueni County
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Non-Communicable Diseases
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Publication Date: 06.Mar.2020
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