Assessment of health-related quality of life in type 2 diabetes mellitus at Moi County referral hospital Taita Taveta county
Health-related quality of life is ones perceived status of life in value systems and culturalrnsettings where they dwell in and in relation to their aspirations expectations ideals and fears.rnDiabetes has always been seen as a disease of affluence but over the years it is increasinglyrnbecoming a problem in developing countries. Globally approximately 1.5 million deaths thatrnoccurred in 2012 due to diabetes 80 of the deaths occurred in the developing nations. Therernis an increasing problem of non-transmittable diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa region which hasrnbrought a change in lifestyles like smoking physical inactivity and unhealthy diet. Such noncommunicable diseases include cardiovascular diseases neuropathies renal disorders whichrnare commonly associated as the complications for diabetes mellitus. Measuring the extent anrnillness has affected health is of significance to the care and management of those individualsrnwith chronic diseases whose remedy is not likely and since they require long-term managementrnand care. Quality of life has a multivariate approach as it highlights information on bodilyrnhealth emotional health functional and social health spheres of an individuals view of thernextent their health has been affected. This measure therefore provides holistic care for anrnindividual with diabetes mellitus.
This study seeks to solely look at how the wellness ofrnindividuals with diabetes mellitus is affected.
The research adopted a cross-sectionalrndescriptive design. 165 respondents were selected through systematic random sampling. Thernresearcher used logistic regression
patients characteristics like foot problemrnaOR7.348 p0.005 and numbness/pain in hands/legs/feet aOR0.155 p0.001 werernassociated with low quality of life. Over half of the study participants 127 77 indicated thatrntheir health-related quality of life would be better without diabetes mellitus as depicted by arndiabetes specific QoL mean score of-1.88 approximating to much better -2. The overallrnmean ADDQoL AWI score -4.48 indicated that the health-related quality of life of thernpatients was negatively impaired by type two diabetes mellitus. Among the 19 domain specificrnitems the study participants rated sex life as the most negatively impacted/ important WIrn-5.14.
Over half of the study participants 127 77 indicated that their health-related quality of lifernwould be better in the absence of diabetes mellitus 5. The overall mean ADDQoL AWIrnscore 4.48 indicated that the health-related quality of life was negatively impaired by typerntwo diabetes mellitus. Since over half of the study participants perceived a low health-relatedrnquality of life then it can be concluded that most were aware of the influence of T2DM onrntheir health status and ultimately on their health-related quality of life 3.rnCo-morbidities of foot problem and numbness/pain in hands/ legs/feet were associated withrnlow health-related quality of life. This may be due to the fact that diabetes neuropathy andrnneuropathic pain is one of the many complications associated with diabetes mellitus 22.rnSexual satisfaction/ sexual function was an item which was the most negatively impacted andrnmost important domain of the patients quality of life while self-dependence was the leastrnnegatively impacted domain. This may be due to the fact that microvascular complications likernsexual dysfunction infertility/ impotence is associated with diabetes mellitus 510.
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