Prevalence of Depression among Adolescents in Selected Public Secondary Schools in Makueni County Kenya.
Adolescence is a transitional development stage characterized by behavioral and hormonal changes resulting in emotional instability that predisposes adolescents to depression Jha et al.2017 Sandal et al. 2017. Depression is a common mood disorder among adolescents that contributes substantially to mortality and morbidity Jha et al. 2017. Globally 10-20 of adolescents are reportedly affected by one or more mental disorders including depression Girmaet al. 2021
The purpose of the study was to establish the prevalence of depression among 460 14-21 years drawn from selected co-ed day and boarding secondary schools in Makueni County Kenya Becks Depression Inventory 2nd edition BDI-II was used to assess the prevalence of depression.
This is a across-sectional study that was carried out from Jan 2021 to May 2021 in the MakuenirnCounty Kenya in two co-ed public schools. All the adolescents both males and females andrnboarders and day scholars in forms one two and three attending school on the day of recruitmentrnwere eligible to participate in the study. Those who were absent on that day were not included inrnthe study together with all form fours students. The total population was 460 females n224rnmales n236 that included forms one two and three adolescents aged 14-21 years. The BDI-IIrnwas used to screen for depression symptoms. BDI-II total scores are between zero and 63. Scoresrnbetween 1 and 10 were considered as normal ups and downs. Scores of 11-16 indicative of mild depression which calls for psychotherapy. Scores of 17-30 are indicative of moderate depression.rnScores of over 31 are indicative of severe depression. The collected data was analyzed usingrnSPSS version 21. Data was analyzed by use of frequencies percentages and variance. Clearancernfor the data collection was sought from the Daystar University Ethics Research Board DUERB National Commission for Science Technology and Innovation NACOSTI from DaystarrnSchool of Human and Social Sciences. Permits were sought from the Makueni CountyrnCommissioner and the Director of Education Makueni County the principals of the two schools.rnWhile consent was obtained from the parents of the participants and assent from the adolescents.
Data analysis using statistical package for social sciences SPSS version 21 revealedrna depression prevalence of 58.9. Participants aged 16-17 had higher prevalence at 32.2rncompared to other age categories such as aged 18-19 at 18.3 aged 14-15 at 4.4 and aged 20-rn21 at 3.9 respectively. Depression was significantly p.000 higher in females at 33.8rncompared to males at 25.1. The proportion of depression was significantly high p.000rnamong the form three participants 23.3 compared to those in form two 18.7 and form onern16.8. The frequency was more among day scholars 35.9 compared to boarders 22.9.rnLikewise depression prevalence was higher in adolescents who lived with both parents 38.1rncompared to those who lived with single parents 13.3 grandparents 5.2 and othersrnsiblings and neighbors at 2.2 however there was no significant difference p 0.645.rnOverall the study showed that depression is a common and serious mental health problemrnamong high school adolescents in Kenya. This calls for more attention through diagnosis andrntreatment to improve adolescents well-being.
The general depression among the secondary school adolescents was high in Makueni EasternrnKenya at 58.9 compare to the global mental health prevalence of 10-20 in adolescents. Thisrnbecomes a health challenge and heath burden to the individual adolescent the family and therncommunity
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