Influence of Food Taboos and Beliefs on Anaemia among Pregnant Women In Isiolo County Kenya
Food taboos have a long history that could be used to explain the presence of certain dietary tradition in every culture. Pregnancy imposes the need for considerable extra calorie and nutrient requirements. A balanced and adequate diet is therefore of utmost importance during pregnancy and lactation to meet the increased needs of the mother and to prevent nutritional stress. Isiolo County is inhabited by communities that still practice all aspect of their culture religion and beliefs. Some of the beliefs that surround the diet of pregnant women can harm the pregnant woman and the child
This study sought to assess the common food taboos and beliefs during pregnancy and their influence on anaemia among pregnant women in Isiolo County.
The study utilized a descriptive cross-sectional research design. The study population was divided into 3 clusters based on the sub-counties in County. Both qualitative and quantitative data were obtained by trained research assistants from a sample size of 374 distributed proportionately among the three sub-counties and analyzed using SPSS version 23. Correlation coefficients were used to establish relationships between variables of the study and logistic regression was used to identify the association of explanatory variables with the outcome variable. A p-value of 0.05 was used to determine significant results. Content analysis was used to present qualitative data gathered from focus group discussion.
The study found a high prevalence 68.02 of anaemia during pregnancy in Isiolo County. Cultural beliefs and food taboos had negative effect on the prevalence of anaemia among pregnant mothers 2 3 N369 8.201 p0.001.
The study found out that food taboos and beliefs significantly explained the high prevalence rate ofrnanaemia in Isiolo County. The study focus groups discussion supported that food taboos and beliefsrnpracticed among the members of the communities has led to unnecessary restriction on locally availablernfoods. This restriction coupled with few food choices in the community complicated the problem further.
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Isiolo County
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Publication Date: 02.Dec.2020
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