Invitro Antimicrobial Efficacy of Jatropha Curcas Extracts on Escherichia Coli from Diabetic Females in Kitui County Kenya
Herbal usages for Urinary tract infections UTI in diabetes have been used for centuries in Kitui County. The plant Jatropha curcasis of numerous natural yields traditional healers in Kitui County have been using various portions of the plant in different ways including bacterial infections treatment. Non-Communicable Diseases in Kenya gives 28 deaths where 2 was diabetes. Prevalence of diabetes in Kitui County is at 29. High glucose level in urine provides a conducive environment for pathogenic microorganisms Escherichia coli whichis the utmost major cause of UTI at approximately 80 populating the colon
This experimental study was intended at assessing the antimicrobial efficacy of Jatropha curcasleaves and stem bark extracts singly on Escherichia colia knowngram-negative bacterium and a common contributing instrument of urinary tract infection UTI in diabetic females attending Kitui County hospital in Kitui County Kenya
This is an Experimental and Cross-sectional method of research in which the Escherichia coliclinicalisolates were obtained from diabetic females identified with UTI at Kitui County Referrals Hospital and transported to Mount Kenya University. CrudeJatropha Curcasleaves and stem barks were harvested from Kitui County and Phytochemistry analysis done atEast African Herbarium in the National Museums of Kenya then after were subjected to clinical isolates of Escherichia colifor antimicrobial efficacy by evaluating their Minimum Inhibition Concentration and Minimum Bactericidal Concentration at Mount Kenya University Microbiology Laboratory
Minimum Inhibition Concentrations produced Negative results and thus Minimum Bactericidal Concentration procedure was not done. A prevalence rate of 69 of Escherichia coliisolates as the causative agent of UTIs in diabetic females of Kitui County Kenya was noted.
This study showed thatJatropha curcasleaves and stem bark extracts singly and as a concoction are bacterial static against E. coliin Urinary Tract Infections of diabetic females and a prevalence rate of 69 of Escherichia coliclinical isolates as the causative agent of Urinary tract infection in diabetic females of Kitui County locality Kenya.
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Kitui County
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Non-Communicable Diseases
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Publication Date: 29.Mar.2023
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