The Influence of Principals Characteristics on the Implementation of Re-Admission Policy of Girls after Teenage Pregnancy in Public Secondary Schools in Kitui County Kenya
This study sought to investigate the influence of principals characteristics on implementation of readmission policy of girls after teenage pregnancy in public secondary schools in Kitui CountyrnKenya
The study objectives sought to determine the influence of principals age genderrnexperience and professional qualifications on the implementation of re-admission policy of girlsrnafter teenage pregnancy.
. Using stratified and simple random sampling a sample of 83rnprincipals 83 guidance and counseling and 83 head girls were selected for the study. The CountyrnDirector of Education was purposively selected while four sub-county directors of Education werernselected using simple random sampling. Data was collected using questionnaires. Quantitative datarnwas analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics while qualitative data was analyzedrnthematically.
The study established that there was statistically significant association betweenrnprincipals characteristics and re-admission policy. The principals age gender experience andrnprofessional qualification significantly determined the implementation of the re-admission policy ofrngirls after teenage pregnancy
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Focus County(s):
Kitui County
Programme Area(s):
Sexual, Reproductive, Adolescent & Child Health
Research Priority Area(s):
aging and sexual and reproductive health
Disease Domain(s):
Teenage pregnancy
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Publication Date: 01.Apr.2020
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