Establishment of the Kenya National Cancer Registry KNCR: A system that will collate national data on cancer incidence mortality and survival
Population-based cancer registries PBCR collect data on cancers reported in a prescribed format with specified guidelines. Population-based cancer registration represents the gold standard for the provision of information on cancer incidence in a defined population Bray F IARC Technical Report No. 43. This study aims to collate national data on cancer incidence mortality and survival in order to map out the burden of cancer in various counties.
The aim of this study was to develop regional registries in Kenya to generate data on cancer incidence and mortality collate and compile these data in a centralized system to inform national cancer control programmes.
Counties were selected based on sites prioritized by the MOH to expand oncology services. Additional Counties that entered into MoU with KEMRI through Devolution Committee were included. Meetings with County governments were held trainings done. Data collection is ongoing. Data is coded using the International Classification of Diseases for Oncology ICD-O and entered into computers. Checks for duplication multiple primaries and inconsistencies are carried out using CanReg5 software.
Through this initiative the Kenya National Cancer Registry has been established at the Centre for Clinical Research KEMRI. Memorandums of understanding MOUs have been signed with County Executive Committees Health trainings on cancer registration methods and Canreg5 software have been conducted in ten counties. Data collection is ongoing however preliminary data shows high burden of breast and cervical cancers among women prostate and oesophageal cancers among men.
Mapping of cancer occurrence in the different geographical regions of Kenya illustrate unique trends that will inform further research on cancer etiology and inform cancer control strategies to reduce the burden of cancer in the communities. The data from Kenya National Cancer Registry will also be utilized for planning and budgeting for resources required in management of cancer patients in Kenya.
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KASH 2018 Conference Proceedings