Improving maternal and child health outcomes through a community involvement strategy in Kabula location Bungoma County Kenya
: Maternal fetal and neonatal mortality are higher in low-income compared to high-income countries duernto weak health systems including poor access and utilization of health services. Despite enormous recent improvements in maternal neonatal and under five children health indicators more rapid progress is needed to meet the targets including the Sustainable Development Goal 3SDG. In Kenya these indicators are still high and comprehensivernsystems are needed to attain these goals.
To facilitate partnerships for innovative approaches IGAs and CBOs tornincentivize CORPs Community owned resource persons includingrnCHWs and Community Midwives CMWs to effectively participate inrnincreasing access and utilization of health services by pregnant womenrnand children in Kabula dispensary.rn2. To describe the trends in maternal newborn and child health indicatorsrnduring the study period
: A prospective study to show trends in maternal neonatal and infant outcomes through the implementation ofrncommunity owned initiatives.
: General under five and antenatal clinic attendance increased four fold in 20162017 and 2018. There was arn76 full immunization coverage with 97 BCG and 84 Polio coverage respectively among children studied. Therernwas an 87 facility delivery rate among the pregnant women enrolled in the study
Trends in Maternal and under-five health indicators in Kabula showed improvements over the studyrnperiod following the implementation of the community owned initiatives and community participation.rnRecommendations: The community owned initiatives as implemented in this study is useful in primary care and universal health coverage programs in health care delivery systems in LMrnTrends observed in this study includern1. Increase in fully immunized coverage to over 76 in 2018 from 54rnin 2015.rn2. Increase in ANC attendance of more than 4 visits per pregnancy to overrn55 from 28rn3. High facility deliveries of greater than 87 from 61rn4. A reduction in intended home deliveries to 13 from 39
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Bungoma County
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Sexual, Reproductive, Adolescent & Child Health
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maternal and child health
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Publication Date: 15.Jul.2022
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