Association Between Socioeconomic Factors And Tuberculosis Infection Among Diabetic Patients Attending JM Kariuki County Referral Hospital Nyandarua County Kenya
Introduction: Approximately 1.2 million individuals die of TB-associated health complications annually. Diabetes coexistence with rnTB accelerates TB disease complicates treatment hence aggregating the possibility of poor TB outcome.
Methods: The study was carried out at JM Kariuki County Referral Hospital Nyandarua County Kenya. A sample size of 139 study rnparticipants was used for the study. Data was collected through carrying out diagnostics tests which included: Fluorescent TB smear rnmicroscopy Gene-Xpert test Chest X-ray blood sugar test and face to face interviews which was recorded in a structured interviewer rnchecklist and the clinical data uploaded in various ministry of health laboratory tools. SPSS version 22 was used to analyze the data.
Results: TB infection and age was found to be statistically significant p0.001. Study subjects occupation and TB infection was rnstatistically significant p0.003. There was no significant difference between gender and diabetes mellitus p0.613. The study rnshowed significant difference between smoking and alcoholism and TB infection p0.001.
Conclusion: There is a need to implement active TB case finding programs in diabetes management initiatives in Nyandarua and rncountrywide.
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Nyandarua County
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Non-Communicable Diseases
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Diseases of the blood
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Publication Date: 15.Jul.2020
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