Establishing a Cancer Registry and Baseline Incidence Data for Nyandarua County Kenya: A Step Towards Targeted Cancer Control Programs
Cancer is a major global public health issue causing a significant number of premature deaths worldwide. Predictions indicate that cancer-related deaths will exceed 30 million by 2030 with around 75 occurring in low- and middle-income countries LMICs like Kenya. Without comprehensive incidence data LMIC countries face challenges in developing targeted programs for cancer management. This study focused on Nyandarua County Kenya one of the counties that lack a dedicated cancer registry.
The study aimed to establish a county-specific cancer registry.
A demographic survey was conducted to determine the frequency of all-cause and specific cancers among patients who attended major health facilities between 2013 and 2020.
A total of 1373 cases were recorded with 54.9 of patients being female. North Kinangop Catholic Hospital accounted for the largest number of patients 62 followed by JM Kariuki County Memorial Hospital 35 while Engineer Hospital contributed the remaining 3. The top five cancer sites observed in Nyandarua County were esophagus 16.8 cervix uteri 13.4 stomach 10.6 breast 8.8 and prostate 8.6.
This study represents the first collection of cancer data in Nyandarua County providing a centralized digital system for all cancer cases during the study period. The study found that gastrointestinal esophageal stomach and reproductive cervical breast and prostate were the most frequently managed cancers in the county.
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Nyandarua County
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Non-Communicable Diseases
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Publication Date: 11.Dec.2023
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